2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Post-Rock & Shoegaze Edition

Following our look into the punk and hardcore bands that have auditioned to become one of the 2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival’s Hidden Masters, we move on to a very different kind of rock relying on building atmospheric soundscapes rather than brevity and punch. Netizens can vote on their favorites until Wednesday September 12th, so sign up for don’t forget to vote for your favorite bands before Wednesday, September 12th.



Post-rock band Modsdive formed in the beginning of February as Donawhale guitarist Youn Sung Hoon persuaded former Misty Blue bassist Choi Gyunghoon and former Poe bassist Kim Yoonki to join what had previously been a solo project of his. Modsdive made it to the final of this year’s Sangsang Madang Band Incubating this summer after which the band changed drummers. Learn more about Modsdive from our interview with the band. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “North”, “Drive Into The Tiger”, “Xi’an” and “XXX”:




Taking a new approach to post-rock, “eco-friendly cinematic post-pop band” Toyshop formed over drinks in February 2012. They’re currently playing all around Seoul with loose plans to release some of their music towards the very end of the year. Facebook. Twitter.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “Vivienne”, “Crevasse”, “Thaw” and “Fligt of the Kiwi”:




Blending shoegazing with modern rock and noise pop, UHF formed in 2010. The first official album Ultrahighfrequency was released in May this year. Facebook.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “안녕도쿄”, “장마”, “테니스 하기 좋은 계절입니다” and “스무살”:



Norwegian Wood

Referring to themselves as a post-rock band, Norwegian Wood draw influences also from classic music, traditional Irish music and psychedelic folk. Unlike most post-rock bands Norwegian Wood feature clear vocals clearly offering the band’s lyrics. The band formed in December 2011 and the members are currently finishing their first EP. Facebook. Twitter.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “현실성”, “나비를 쫓아간 소녀의 끝은 절벽”, “늦은 밤 새벽에” and “피노키오”:




Neither post-rock nor shoegazing, but inviting to the same atmospheric realm are Twomyung. The two members have been making music together since 2009, starting with an acoustic sound for their first album in 2010 and transforming into an eletronic duo in time for the release of mini album Between in March.
Facebook. Twitter.
From left to right, top to bottom, here are “Intro”, “True Lover”, “Moondance” and “나는 노르웨이로 간다”:


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