Top 20 Bands for 2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Hidden Masters Announced

Until yesterday netizens were able to vote for their favorites among the 39 bands competing to become one of five Hidden Masters for this year’s Ssamzie Sound Festival. The 20 bands that made it to the second round were announced today, listed below after how they were presented in Korean Indie’s SSF Auditions weekend special:

Electro Rock: Gravity, Litter, Space Papa, Poly, Hologram Film, WHOwho
Post-Rock & Shoegaze: Norwegian Wood, Modsdive
Rock: Nukie, The Reading Club, Met, ECE, Tangadool
Indie Rock & Indie Pop: Rock’N’Roll Radio, Ondahl, Toll
Acoustic: Peoples, Hyangni
Rap & Soul: Junk Class, Fellas

The final public edition will be held on September 16th at Dokgakgwi Hall (formerly Jeonja Salon) in Yongsan, starting at 1 pm. The event is free and attendance is on a first come first served basis.

Source: Ssamzie Sound Festival

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