2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Acoustic Edition

It’s less than a month left till this year’s Ssamzie Sound Festival and which bands will get to play the festival as Hidden Masters will soon be revealed. Netizens are currently voting for which of the top 40 bands will make it to the next round, and so can you if you register with dal music. All the official audition videos were finally uploaded a couple of days ago and we’ll go through them all, starting with what could become Korea’s Regina Spektor as well as a few acoustic acts on the softer side.



With songs built around a piano and dramatic vocal performance, singer-songwriter Hyangni was one of the contestants in the 22nd edition of Yoo Jae Hae Music Competition, held 2011. She’s been preparing to release her first album and from now on she’ll try to play frequently around Hongdae. Facebook. YouTube.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “기상천외한 그 분”, “첫사랑이 되어줘”, “Unknown Story” and “TLA”:




Acoustic trio Clumsy formed in late 2010 and have released three digital singles so far. The band auditioned for Top Band 2 where they were eliminated in favor of Ynot? during the Triple Tournaments.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “아직도 난”, “Dear”, “굿모닝” and “축구보다 더”:




Daegu’s Kun Hoon Ssy has been an active musician since 2006, releasing both an EP and an album. This year he’s back under a new name together with a session member playing synth and providing chorus. He’s planning to release an album under the name Peoples this fall.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “랄랄라랄라”, “실패자”, “생활의달인” and “애정만세”:



Becks & Josh

Acoustic duo Becks & Josh started to perform together around clubs and on the street in July 2010. A year later came the release of their first EP with second EP 두 파산 following in July this year. Becks previously was a member of punk band Naked Apes and has released a solo EP whereas Josh used to be a member of acoustic pop band The Mon-Mallim. Facebook.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “Festival”, “C.K.P”, “가사분담” and “벽”:



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