Randomness #9

The k-pop high I had anticipated this week never happened. I did go to see 4minute last Sunday, just as expected. The company was indeed awesome. And the show was as well. The members of 4minute were all absolutely delightful, the audience was pumped, and there was a party atmosphere like on no ever show… Continue reading

Randomness #8

I’ve spent the past week in Russia. It was my first ever visit to the country and although it was a business trip, it was thoroughly enjoyable. My team took me out to walk around their beautiful city every evening after work and Nizhny Novgorod now qualifies just behind Seoul as my top travel destination…. Continue reading

Randomness #7

The past week has been very busy, but for reasons quite different from my usual busy weeks. One big thing is planning the move to our new apartment, which should happen in a couple of weeks. Another big thing has been preparing a business trip to Russia, which because of many holidays earlier this month… Continue reading

Randomness #6

For a long time I was thinking that I should make a “real” post before heading on to what appears to have become my regular, kind of random, sort of personal type post sort on blogging and music, but then I spent too much time on Candy Crush (and Farm Heroes Saga–another guilty pleasure of… Continue reading

Randomness #5

This has been a pretty good week. Workwise, blogwise, and in general. In Sweden we were celebrating Walpurgis Night and I opted to do so by watching a huge bonfire with a few friends and colleagues, which turned into an evening with a ton of fun. I finally completed that post with all the UK… Continue reading