Randomness #6

For a long time I was thinking that I should make a “real” post before heading on to what appears to have become my regular, kind of random, sort of personal type post sort on blogging and music, but then I spent too much time on Candy Crush (and Farm Heroes Saga–another guilty pleasure of mine, for when I’m out of lives in Candy Crush…) and I realized that if I’m gonna have any chance at getting in to the office a bit earlier than I have been for, say, the last month or so, I probably shouldn’t stay up too late. So here we go.

Even though there haven’t been any new posts, the past week has actually been fairly blog oriented for me. I’ve kept updating the post on May UK tours with new interview links on a daily basis (Asian Chairshot, Dead Buttons and Patients have all done crazy amounts of interviews), but since all but Asian Chairshot have already concluded their UK touring for this time and Asian Chairshot will do the same tomorrow that work should be completed soon.

There’s also been the regular preparations for this month’s edition of the Music Alliance Pact (coming this Thursday!) as well as something related: Australian MAP blog whothehell.net decided to do an ‘alternative Eurovision’ version of the monthly Mapcast–a podcast highlighting the best of each MAP edition–outside of the regular MAP scope, so I took the opportunity to promote one of the songs I was listening to the most last week, which doesn’t fit within my usual MAP criteria of being a new and original song. Though despite what is indicated in the podcast I am no longer affiliated with koreanindie.com, it’s just that it often takes a while for such news to register with all concerned.

Speaking of Eurovision, I’m actually quite fond of the event and usually try to watch everything from the Swedish try-outs to the Eurovision Song Contest final itself, but that didn’t quite happen this year. The Swedish final took place in March, while I was in Korea, and the European winner was crowned yesterday. I was in Warsaw over the weekend for an opera that my husband really wanted to see (I’m far more about rock shows in basements and couldn’t really enjoy any of it, but that’s the sort of compromise that comes with marriage), and we only made it back to the hotel in time to catch the voting. And we did so in the hotel bar without any sound on the TV. I’d only heard a few of the songs previously, but Austria’s bearded drag artist Conchita Wurst appeared to be the favorite ahead of the event and went on to win the whole thing.

Instead of Eurovision songs I’ve kept listening to Monoban. It began with “Dandelionlast week and now my playlist on repeat has expanded to include the entire Ghostship EP. I’ve realized there’s something about their indie folk style that reminds me of various mainstream Swedish folk acts that I’ve listened to throughout the years. Perhaps Östen med Resten more than others, “Vägen hem” in particular, that always had so much heart, warmth and joy to their sounds that it becomes more or less irresistible to me. But as much as I enjoy Monoban, there’s a lot more I should be listening to (I need a fix on post-rock for one of the posts I have planned) so hopefully this’ll be the last of me mentioning them in one of these posts.

Plans for the coming week involve some actual blog posts as well as updating the IROK events list with some more of the exciting k-indie shows scheduled to happen around the world within the next few months. That’ll be it for now. I’ll just need to use up all my Candy Crush and Farm Heroes lives, then it’s time to go to sleep.

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