Randomness #9

The k-pop high I had anticipated this week never happened. I did go to see 4minute last Sunday, just as expected. The company was indeed awesome. And the show was as well. The members of 4minute were all absolutely delightful, the audience was pumped, and there was a party atmosphere like on no ever show I have ever attended. My friend Lars has written a very good fan account over at The Future Is Idol.

Yet my mind has been elsewhere. I continue to listen to my playlist for Russia and random Russian music on recommendation from friends. After I put on a CD by Konstantin Nikolsky (a gift from one of my Russian team members) while packing up the rest of my CD collection I was reminded of Lars Winnerbäck–just as I had been one random evening out in Nizhny Novgorod–and as a consequence I’ve also been looping my old Winnerbäck favorites over and over, remembering both Russia and my younger years–and thinking that maybe “Timglas” remains my favorite “Anna song” after all.

As for packing the CD collection, that too enabled more than a few flashbacks though I didn’t take the time to listen to any of the great finds I made. Unpacking it in the new apartment will for sure be a lot of fun and I’m trying to figure out what will be the better way to arrange it this time around. On that subject, packing and other moving related activities is what this past week has been primarily about for me. Thanks to Ascension Day and the bridge day that follows I’ve had a four-day weekend and managed to get just about everything in order for the move.

Before getting out of bed to pack the last few things today I took some time to catch up on SNS and blogs and I’m sort of itching to get back to writing at least one or two of those many blog posts I have planned. With the move coming up this Wednesday, however, I suppose I shouldn’t be too optimistic. It’s been more than a month since I first said I was planning a post on Jambinai‘s European summer tour, but the tour launched already a few days ago so instead I’d recommend heading over to DoIndie for more details on the tour and to check Jambinai’s Facebook page for random tour updates. That’ll have to be all for tonight.

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