Randomness #8

I’ve spent the past week in Russia. It was my first ever visit to the country and although it was a business trip, it was thoroughly enjoyable. My team took me out to walk around their beautiful city every evening after work and Nizhny Novgorod now qualifies just behind Seoul as my top travel destination.

Instead of returning to Sweden directly on the Saturday I took a day in Moscow to meet up with Anna of Korean rock is real. It’s been several years since we last saw each other and it was a lot of fun catching up while seeing so many grand buildings and historic sites. The Red Square was particularly impressive in an almost overwhelming, humbling way.

All of this has of course meant even less time than usual for listening to music. I’ve had my “Ryssland” playlist on Spotify with a selection of songs that I for one reason or another felt compelled to listen to while in Nizhny. Avantasia, Lars Winnerbäck, Placebo, Zemfira. All good artists that I’ve been listening to a lot during extended time periods and though the songs don’t really fit together what they represent to me perfectly captures this trip.


When it comes to Korean music, the closest thing would be Anna showing me the Tsoi Wall during our walk through the city. Thanks to one of my team members I had already been reading up on Soviet Korean musician Viktor Tsoi and the impact his band Kino has had, so it was interesting to see the wall, the people hanging around to play guitar and sing, and all the other tourists taking photos. Viktor Tsoi’s solo and band albums were re-released and distributed in Korea during 2006, though Yoon Band made a Korean version of “Группа крови“, “혈액형”, already years before.

If the week until now was completely void of Korean music, today will be completely the opposite as the time has finally come for 4minute‘s Stockholm showcase. Ranya has arrived and very soon we will meet up with a bunch of awesome people to warm up for the show. If this turns out to be anything like VIXX in Stockholm last year I expect to be high on k-pop all of next week. That may be reflected in the posts on this site.

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