Randomness #7

The past week has been very busy, but for reasons quite different from my usual busy weeks. One big thing is planning the move to our new apartment, which should happen in a couple of weeks. Another big thing has been preparing a business trip to Russia, which because of many holidays earlier this month made the visa application process a bit more hectic than it would’ve otherwise been.

I arrived at my hotel room in Nizhny Novgorod about an hour ago and though I have much to see yet my first impressions are overwhelmingly positive. The driver playing “Oh Susie” (one of my favorite tracks off the first CD I ever bought, Sommar Toppar) on the way in to the city from the airport only helped to assure me that this coming week will be awesome.

Additionally, most of my blog time the past week has been spent trying to optimize and generally just speed up the site which has seen some daily, hour-long downtimes caused by CPU throttling–courtesy of bluehost. Although it’s fun to learn all these new things related to the more technical side of having your own website, at this point I would much rather spend that time making new contents. I have so many ideas I want to make reality!

As far as music goes, I have yet to completely rid myself of my recent Monoban addiction, but help has come in the form of Hyun Lee Yang‘s “Is Help On The Way?”. To be perfectly honest, even though the male singer-songwriter thing isn’t too far from Monoban, it wasn’t really what I felt like listening to at first, but he’s a friend so I figured I should give it a try anyway. I’m very glad I did and it has now become my current go-to song in that whenever I’m not listening to anything else, this is what I hear playing in my head:

As soon as I saw that the single was out I asked him for an interview, which has already been published, but there should be more Hyun Lee Yang on this blog coming soonish. Because he’s generally fun and awesome. And because we share a common…hobby, sort of. Not quite sure what the next week will bring though, business trip and all, so maybe it’ll be time to re-publish another old post of mine from another blog. And if I do get the time there’ll be something a little more current + updates to the now sort of empty events calendar.

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