Randomness #10

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last had time to sit down and blog. I’ve been moving, with the physical relocation being not at all as time consuming as the unpacking and furniture building that ensued. The new apartment is still far from done–we still haven’t even figured out how exactly to fit everything into our media/library/guest room so my entire music collection is still in boxes–and it’ll probably be a few weeks more before we feel ready to invite to a house-warming party, but at least we’re living in our new place now. And since a few days back there’s even Internet!

Musicwise I’m still stuck listening to Lars Winnerbäck, as I was 2 weeks ago. My whole reason for ending up there was that I had promised to recommend a few songs to a friend, but it was only just now that I finally got around to gathering the songs in a YouTube playlist (no special thought put into order of songs). I don’t really mind though. It’s somehow sort of comforting to find that I can still enjoy the same music as I did 10 years ago, but for reasons other than nostalgia. There are some of his lyrics that I can relate to now that didn’t really make sense to me then. A sign of growing older, gaining more life experience, no doubt.

As I get more time to dedicate towards blogging again I will surely also get back to listening to more Korean music. I did put up the June edition of the Music Alliance Pact today (more Hyun Lee Yang to the people!), and I’ve just spent a couple of hours updating images and a few links for a lot of old Top Band 2 commentary posts. Unfortunately all of my old posts will be removed from koreanindie.com end of this month, so I have to take care to salvage what I can of screenshots and other imagery that I have no backups of–until now I’ve been keeping most posts without updates since I anyway paid for the hosting far into 2015.

All of my posts from koreanindie.com, save for a few that I felt were too koreanindie specific such as posts about contests and the KMA prediction results, were migrated before the official re-launch of Indieful ROK so there shouldn’t be too much of my work disappearing. The big loss, however, is all the comments to old posts. There are some discussions I remember fondly, and going through all of those Top Band posts I found many more reader interactions worth preserving. The comments were paired with the posts as part of my exports, but I chose to not include them as I thought it didn’t really make sense to duplicate them between sites. I’ll need some more time to figure out how to import them now as it seems not to be possible using the standard import procedure.

More old posts to update tomorrow. Then write another post before the Seoul Record Fair, which is almost here. And that something on the Jambinai tour, of course…

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