Belle Epoque Planning to Return with Second Album

Former Misty Blue bassist Choi Gyunghoon is keeping busy. A year ago he was still making songs for his solo project Slow Fuzz and at the beginning of this year he became a member of post-rock band Modsdive. Now it seems he’s about to revive another old project of his, namely Belle Époque where instead of bass Choi Gyunghoon plays the keyboard.

The duo could first be heard on the Cracker OST with the song “May” in 2006. A couple of years later, a new female vocalist had been recruited and first full-length album “일요일들” was released. A few days ago Choi Gyunghoon posted a demo on his blog for a song called “춤추던 여름 밤”, at the same time announcing on Twitter that it was for Belle Epoque’s second album. The female vocals are now provided by Ho Soo and instead of the light and bright indie pop from before the sound is now somewhat darker.

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