The Rose Blooming At Night Does Off The Record

Acoustic band The Rose Blooming At Night formed in January 2011 and immediately qualified for the Spiris Dream Project rock category. They’ve made it far in several other competitions for indie bands since, playing a few shows and festivals as a consequence, but more often they can be found busking around Hongdae, Yeouido and the Ewha University area.

The five members released their first digital single on September 9 as part of DigitalRecord’s Off The Record collection. While the single has yet to show up at most online music retailers, the corresponding Off The Record videos were uploaded to Vimeo today:

Here’s the Off The Record video for “무슨말인지 모르겠어”:


And here’s the Off The Record for “Hello MImi”:


Not an Off The Record video, but with the “Gangnam Style” craze still growing all over the world this one turned out to be quite popular when we posted it on Facebook. It shows a fresh approach to Psy‘s hit song, offered by The Rose Blooming At Night on the streets of Hongdae a week ago:

Via: DigitalRecord; Nate TV

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