Mini-Interview with Modsdive

Sooner or later it happens to all of us — one of our favorite bands disband or go on an indefinite hiatus. Every now and then the key members move on to other projects, and if we’re lucky that’ll mean new favorite bands to cling to. Donawhale is one of bands I’m missing the most, but fortunately the band’s guitarist Youn Sung Hoon is offering  plenty of comfort on his own.

It started with AUHM last year and now he’s got a whole new band in Modsdive. I was super excited to learn that he’d teamed up with Choi Gyunghoon, former bassist of Misty Blue (one of the disbanded bands I’m missing the most) for some more post-rock. And he’s also got Kim Yoonki playing the guitar and Jung Kwan Jong hitting the drums. Naturally I had to learn more and Youn Sung Hoon kindly provided answers to my questions, translation courtesy of sparklelion.



How did Modsdive get started?

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my solo projects in 2011 was named AUHM. I continued working alone for a long time until I found well-matched members. Luckily, I could have an opportunity to meet them. Then, we decided to change the name from ‘AUHM’ to ‘Modsdive’. After a long wait, I could possibly and finally say “Here it goes!“


Which are your primary influences?

All of the stuff from all around me, including both internal and external factors, would be the biggest influences. Not only could it dig me out and rescue me but sometimes it could make me fall into an abyss, especially when I have a look around in detail. I would have a chance to see an old lady with eyes brimming over with tears seeing all her hopes dashed down, naive young children trapped in a wondrous world of spirits that I never had and wish to have that experience before, an early morning street or a desolate coast without a sign of human existence. It could be one of my ways of being absolutely certain of those feelings and making them emerge from the inner side of human nature. So I focus on managing to crystallize the feelings of millions of ordinary people like me and you and everyone we know. Music transcends time, space even language. and I just want to make history with music. I believe and hope that I could bring you into this real world.


What are your current plans for Modsdive?

First of all, we are taking part in a contest (Sangsang Madang Band Incubator). And luckily again, we’ll be playing in the finals on the 16th of July. Also we think it’s time to buckle down and play as many gigs as we possibly can. We are planning to release our album in October as well. We have already selected songs for that album. We’re all set.


What does this mean for your other solo projects?

It is exactly the same as before. Just, we’ve tried to arrange AUHM music for the performance and also I’ve written new songs since Modsdive was formed. I mean it started as AUHM and it eventually emerged as Modsdive. Nothing has changed so far. The only thing that would be different is that I have my splendid friends indeed.



Splendid friends making splendid music together! I love what I’ve heard of both Modsdive and AUHM so I’m already eagerly awaiting that album of theirs. Here’s what they looked like playing the semi-finals for the 5th Sangsang Madang Band Incubator:

Modsdive on Facebook
Modsdive on Twitter
Modsdive on Bandcamp

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