UHF Make Official Debut with Ultrahighfrequency

Shoegaze oriented modern rock band UHF released unofficial bootleg album Down Stream Only already in 2009. When their first official album finally came out on Tunetable Movement only “안녕 도쿄” had survived, but it did so maintaining its lead track status. The album title is Ultrahighfrequency and it got its digital release on April 20th while the CD release was held till May 2nd. As the album came out first time, so did the music video or “안녕 도쿄”:


UHF were one of many bands auditioning for last year’s Ssamzie Festival. All of the songs they played then can be found on the album. Starting with “안녕 도쿄” they continued with “빨간금속구두”…


…followed up with “스무살”…


…and closed with “길로틴”:


Yesterday UHF played at Gogos2 and were filmed by MonkeyDefence while performing “테니스하기 좋은 계절입니다 “:

Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb; UHF on Facebook

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