KT&G SangSang Madang 5th Band Incubator : Top 6

In 2007 KT&G SangSang Madang launched its first Band Incubator, introducing new bands to a wider public and providing support. During May bands could apply to the fifth Band Incubator and after further qualification, the top 6 has now been announced. The final will be held on July 16th.


Hologram Film


Hologram Film have already gotten a boost in their career this year as the first band promoted through the Support Your Music 2012 campaign, during which the electro rock band got support to release their debut EP Fresh Light.




Modsdive is a post-rock band formed in January this year, counting Donawhale guitarist Youn Sung Hoon (aka AUHM) and former Misty Blue bassist Choi Gyunghoon to the four members.




Three member rock band Nukie released their debut single in January this year. Learn more about them through their interview with Korean rock is real.


Remnants of the Fallen


Melodic death metal band Remnants of the Fallen can currently be seen competing on Top Band 2. Further introduction available on the main site.


Riot Kidz


Pop punk band Riot Kidz focus on “nice and fast punk sounds”. The four members have been playing together since last summer and blog in English about their gigs.


The Electric Eels


Indie rock band The Electric Eels too auditioned for Top Band 2, but faced hard competition and were eliminated. Learn more about them through their recent interview with Korean Indie.

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