twomyung Return with Electronic Sound and New Album

In the beginning of the month duo twomyung shared a trailer announcing the release of their 1.5 album between... It was originally scheduled for release on March 19th, but pushed a few days until March 23rd. Having previously had an acoustic sound, the duo has since turned towards electronica with all songs on the new album produced by Rainbow99.

The members of twomyung both have plenty experience from the Korean indie scene with Kyeong Jun previously being the bassist of Dusty Blue also having been a session player for Hi! Mr. Memory whereas Hyun Seo has been a member of Wintergreen and have played with both Savina & Drones and Smacksoft. Likely because of the Smacksoft connection, Bo Whang herself has written the lyrics for one song on between..–“True Lover”.

This is the latest version of the album trailer, offering brief previews of all the new songs:


If you’d like to hear more of the songs twomyung offer live performances for all but the closing track on their YouTube channel.

1. “Satellite”:


2. “True Lover”:


3. “잊을수록”:


4. “MoonDance”:

Sources: twomyung official Twitter; maniadb

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