Hyang Music’s Album Sales Chart, Third Week of January 2012

The Hyang Music Album Chart for the third week of January was published yesterday. While no newcomers made it to the very top there were four indie related releases entering the chart below the top 10. Speaking of which, the changes to the top 10 were fairly modest, with Kim Mokin dropping one position down to 11.

1. Lucid Fall아름다운 날들 (-)
2. Apollo 18The Black Album (+3)
3. Idiotape11111101 (-1)
4. M83Hurry Up We’re Dreaming (+3)
5. Zitten백야 (-1)
6. IULast Fantasy (-3)
7. NightwishImaginaerum (+5)
8. Lim Ji HoonOrgan Orgasm (-2)
9. Damien RiceLive From The Union Chapel (+5)
10. Number NineTV를 끄면 좋겠어 (-1)

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
36. BimilieBimilie
45. Shin Jaejin화해
69. ClazziInfant
71. Kirin그대여 이제

Female fronted pop/rock band Bimilie released their self-title album on January 17th. Five days earlier album track “이런” had been released as a digital single. The same song is used in the album trailer:


Janhyang guitarist Shin Jaejin released his first solo EP in 2008 and returned with his first full-length album on January 17th. Featured on the album on a song called “Far Away” is fellow singer/songwriter Lee Jang Hyuk. A week before the release came the music video for “Butterfly”:


To learn more about Kirin, have a look at this recent mini-interview on the main site.

Source: Hyang Music

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