KoME October interviews

It seems KoME has been quite busy doing interviews recently, posting as many as 3 in the past month.

First there was Pastel‘s “new wave modern rock act” Zitten: Melodic rock band Zitten talks about their first album and the depth of their work. Reading, among other things I learned that 손톱 was the first Zitten song ever written, and that Zitten had Secret appear in the movie Summer Whispers (여름, 속삭임) last year. As for Ro (the other member) and the army; I had the pleasure of watching Zitten at GMF in the company of wassereis that informed me that was Ro’s first performance since getting out of the army on October 17. And if you feel like reading a bit more Zitten history, here’s an article I wrote after an interview early last year.

Then there was Korean American Royal Pirates, best known for their kpop covers: Interview with the up and coming rock band, Royal Pirates. As you may already be aware, the group’s got a YouTube channel where you can check out their work. And to read more, allkpop has plenty including In the Studio with Royal Pirates!

And most recently there was awesome rock band The Plastic Day providing entertaining answers to all questions from KoME: Interview with The Plastic Day. The Indieful ROK interview referenced would be this one.

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