Noisecat Offers Soundtrack for Virtual World Travels

It’s been six years since Noisecat released his second full-length album, but on February 23rd time has finally come for the release of a new full-length Sunday Sunset Airlines. With a full 72 minutes long “soundtrack for the virtual trip”, the album has been created under the device “traveling world to make music to travel world to”. Leading up to the release was the Noisecat Airlines Singles Series, CD-Rs packaged in jiffy-bags as had they been sent from travels, although none of those song titles can be found on the album tracklist.

The album teaser contains a generous amount of brief samples from the album:


Sticking with the theme of traveling, here’s the music video for “I Say Hello”:

Sources: Hyang Music; Noisecat post on Indieful ROK’s Facebook page

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