Mini-Interview with Kirin

It took me a few weeks to check out Kirin after seeing his name floating around Twitter. His name first caught my interest because of DJ Magik Cool J‘s involvement in the production of his music, but once I decided to follow up on it his music videos is what got me really interested. The 90’s retro style on display was incredible and the video for 지겨워 has everything I remember and love  from Korean hip hop of the time. Brilliant, just brilliant! Naturally I had to find out where all this was coming from and Kirin was kind enough to tell me himself over email:

How would you like to introduce yourself?

Yo! Yo! Hi, I’m Kirin who is busy everyday with fine arts and dance music. I’m mainly doing 80’s and 90’s style new jack swing and R&B and dance music.

How did you get the idea for your retro concept?

I’m affected by the songs that my mother was listening to when I was young. I think those stimulated my liking and emotion. I heard a lot of music like Boyz II Men or  Portrait. My Mother’s  mother’s favorite song is “사랑은 차가운 유혹” by Yang Soo Kyoung :D. I’ve kept a lot of things from my childhood. Sometimes they bring back old memories.

I’ve kept a steady interest in what I like all along, so the style didn’t come up suddenly but naturally.

What are your strongest influences and sources for inspiration?

Feelings from my family, friends and some people that are near and things that has happened when I’m together with them are my driving forces for my creation. Love, anger, frustration, hope.. those feelings can be good inspiration and sources. Especially the  love for my family, lover, colleagues, friends is moving me so much. That gives me good sources and is driving force for moving me for showing to them the result.

What can you tell us about your new album and music videos?

I’m planning to make about 2 videos more. Just check them out yourself when the videos come out., that’s better than me explaining now.  Also I’m preparing to release a remix album for my 1st album. I’m trying not to make a boring one by just changing the arrangements from various musicians but an album that will be interesting to the listener.

Needless to say I for one am already eagerly awaiting the next couple of videos myself. Here’s the one that got me hooked:


Find the rest of the music videos linked in the post on the CD release of Kirin’s album on the news site or head straight over to Kirin’s YouTube channel. Let us know what you think!

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