Clazzi Features Whale, The KOXX and More for Solo Album

On January 17th, Clazziquai Project‘s master mind Clazzi will release his first solo album, Infant. Being a DJ rather than a singer Clazzi has worked with a number of different vocalist, including former Clazziquai member Christina. Other interesting names on the list include Whale (“Bad Girl”), Yi Sung Yol (“Love&Hate”), Mad Soul Child‘s Jinsil (“Where’s Dance”) and Hyunsong and Sooryung of The KOXX (“40 nights”).

The two songs released as singles in towards the end of 2011, “우리 변한거잖아” and “Sexy Doll” are included on the album as well. If you didn’t see it yet, here’s the music video for “우리 변한거잖아”:

Source: Hyang Music

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