CD Release of Kirin’s First Full-Length Album

Following a set of digital singles released towards the end of 2011 hip hop artist Kirin released his first full-length album, 그대여 이제, digitally on December 21st. As hinted by the cover he’s got something of a 80’s/90’s retro sound going, enhanced by the visual style of the many music videos that go with the album. Today, January 19th, the album was released on CD and to complete the concept a limited edition with an LP size sleeve is available.

DJ Magik Cool J has arranged most of the songs and fellow Aquibird member Lim Jung Woo has played the guitar. A number of other artists have participated in the making of the album.

Kirin’s new album comes with no less than three title tracks, two which had been released as digital singles prior to the actual album. All of them come with brilliant music videos:

“그대여 이제”, featuring Rhythm Power:


“히위고 나우” (released as a digital single on December 14th), with Sora of Playgirl providing some chorus:


“난 외로움은 싫어” (released as a digital single on November 29th):


With the new release today yet another music video has been revealed, “지겨워”:


Kirin’s Christmas single from December 6th, 성스러운 크리스마스, is also included on the album. Music video available here. “Please Stay”, released as a digital single in 2010, has been re-worked for the album and from the look of it a music video will become available for this song as well. Already a music video preview has been revealed.

Sources: Hyang Music; Kirin official YouTube channel; maniadb

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