Hyang Music Album Chart week 2, 2012

Hyang Music Album Chart

Hyang Music has published their album sales chart for the second week of January:

Hyang Chart – 2nd week of January, 2012
1. Lucid Fall – 아름다운 날들
2. Idiotape11111101
3. IULast Fantasy
4. Zitten백야
5. Apollo 18The Black Album
6. Lim Ji HoonOrgan Orgasm
7. M83Hurry Up We’re Dreaming
8 Dynamic DuoDigilog 2/2
9. Number NineTV를 끄면 좋겠어
10. Kim Mokin음악가 자신의 노래

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
18. Lee Young Hoon내가 부른 그림
33. Black BagBeyond The Sky
69. InmayGrin Without Reason

See the full top 100 list here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey! Thank you for sharing such important things xDDD But, by ny chance, do you enjoy IU music? Cause I don’t like ‘idols’ but I like her… I don’t know… She is just different…


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