Octave Soul continues to bring k-indie to Japan

In August 2011 Shibuya-based label Octave Soul released it’s first batch of Korean indie CDs in Japan, starting with Sunkyeol and Vidulgi OoyoO. More releases followed and on January 18th it’s time for the first batch of 2012, with plenty of Korea’s finest music. Most albums have been licensed just the way they were originally released in Korea, but some come with a little extra.

Yeongene‘s Burt Bacharach cover album Me and My Burt when released in Japan will go under the name Burt Bacharach Song Book. Just like the European version of the album it comes with the songs from the Yeongene & BMX Bandits joint single Saveoursmiles on top, but it has been stripped of all bonus tracks.

Similarily, trash metal band Method’s debut album Survival ov The Fittest comes with two bonus tracks not included on the original 2006 release. In addition to a “2009 version” of title-track “Survival Ov The Fittest” there is also the new title “Revenge Resources”.

With the January 18th set of releases being the biggest one so far plenty of albums more will become available to the Japanese market:
Big Baby Driver: Big Baby Driver (2011)
Dringe Augh: Invidivually Wrapped (2009)
– Dringe Augh: Between The Tygh (2011)
Epitone Project: 遺失物保管所 (유실물 보관소) (2010)
Jowall: Things You are Going to See Here (2009)
Starry-Eyed: Sweet Night (2008)

More releases from Octave Soul can be expected on the 8th of February. However album covers and tracklists for those have yet to be revealed:
GwamegiThis is Not Hardcore (2011)
NinesinThe Death, We Will Face (2011)
NoeazyDiscrepancy (2010)
Sogyumo Acacia BandCiaosmos (2011)
TrampaulineThis is Why We are Falling for Each Other (2011)
ZittenZitten (2008)

In addition to Sunkyeol and Vidulgi OoyoO mentioned above, the 2011 k-indie releases from Octave Soul included albums and EPs from Big Baby Driver, Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy, Glittering Blackness, Fall, IdiotapeKayip, Ninaian, Plastic People, Sentimental Scenery and Telefly.

Sources: Octave Soul Twitter; Amazon.co.jp

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