Espresso as Sweet as Caramel

Ballad duo Caramel espreSSo released their first EP, 니가 없는 난.. on CD on February 2nd and followed with a digital release next day. It includes both songs from digital single Like AM Radio, released in July 2011, as well as another couple of songs.

Caramel espreSSo started out as the trio Crying Bird, then also with a horn player in the group, and won the 18th edition of the Yoo Jae Ha Music Competition, held in 2007.

In November the duo went on the Musice Sinchon segment on Mapo FM to perform songs in the studio. Here’s EP opening track “니가 없는 난”:


Here’s EP closing track “어떻게 시작할까”, previously also included on the single:


Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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