Mini-interview with Playgirl

While in Korea last month, I had the distinct pleasure of catching Playgirl live one night at Sinchon Music Company. I had come to see Sweetsoap, but figured catching Playgirl that night would save me time to see something else when they were on stage during GMF. That plan kinda backfired. Their cute outfits and dance moves (see here, starting at 0:45 or so, for an example) were just too adorable and I ended up in front of the stage when they were playing during GMF too. Beatball‘s Lee Bong Soo had Playboy Jinma, from the production team behind Playgirl, answer a few questions on the girls for Indieful ROK:

Who is Playgirl?
Playgirl is a girl group who is giving fresh shock and fear in South Korea indie music scene with outstanding music and unique performance on the stage.

How did Playgirl come to life?
Playgirl members were picked by Playboys in ‘mystery girlband Lab.’ and they’ve appeared after hard training.

What is Playgirl doing right now?
Recently they released their first EP 24hours of Playgirl from Korean independent label Beatball Music and Playgirl is stealing boys’ hearts with their delightful performance.

What’s next for Playgirl?
They have plans to record a single album for the Christmas and ready for new album in early next year as well. It’ll be funny thing to wait their 7,80s asia sound.

Did you read that last part? More Playgirl already till Christmas, and even more after that!

When I first heard of Playgirl their image had me very interested and I quickly set out to order their debut EP, 플레이걸의 24時. When it arrived first impression was very good – well designed packaging, pretty post cards with short bios, and paper dolls! Unfortunately I was not as excited when I got to the actual music and put it away after only a listen. Seeing them on stage it didn’t take long before I decided to give them a second chance, and enjoying their retro sound as I’m typing this I’m happy I did.

If you have yet to hear them yourself, MySpace currently offers five samples. And if you check back here on Sunday there should be a Playgirl mp3 waiting for download!

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  1. janet

    great overview!
    I think they’re a strong group and really stand out not just for having an ‘image’ but also their delivery is great!
    so fun, another group on my christmas list.^^


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