Free Download of Kim Mokin’s “Tree Lined Road in a Dream”

Cabinet Singalongs guitarist and singer/songwriter Kim Mokin became the 76th indie2go artist with the indie2go video for his “꿈의 가로수길” released last week. Now the live recording can also be found on SoundCloud and those that wish can download it from Dropbox, getting the tabs for the song in the same package.


Kim Mokin released his first solo album 음악가 자신의 노래, or Song of Musician’s-Self, on December 1st this year. Cabinet Singalong fans will find his core sound familiar, but there is more variation between styles and the production is a bit better.

The album version of “꿈의 가로수길” and “뮤즈가 다녀가다” can both be sampled through label Electric Muse’s SoundCloud. The song “씬” was selected as the South Korean track of the month for the December edition of Music Alliance Pact, where music bloggers worldwide offer mp3s from the region of the world which they cover.

Check out the album trailer below, featuring album opening track “음악가, 음악가란 직업은 무엇인가”:

The official English titles for the songs on Songs of Musician’s-Self are as follows:

1. Musician, What Is The Musician As A Job?
2. Tree Lined Road In A Dream
3. To A Week
4. A Visit Of Muse
5. One Little Man
6. He Went Out In A Field Because Of
7. Scene
8. Glenn Gould
9. As Your Mind Flows
10. Musician’s Farm

Source: Kim Mokin official blog

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