Black Bag Debut EP and SIEG Winter Campaign

Indie rock band Black Bag released first EP Beyond The Sky on January 11th. Having been around since 2009, they debuted the song “Beautiful Morning” on the 2011 Jisan Rock Festival Compilation last summer, now also included on the EP.

The four members of the band are introduced in the EP teaser:


Korean brand SIEG has launched a winter campaign featuring Black Bag and for that purpose the band have been recorded performing two songs, “Blue Sky” and “Between Us”, both included on the EP:



Also part of the campaign is Bye Bye Sea. Here the male members of Black Bag can be seen trying out the collection together with Bye Bye Sea, set to the tones of Bye Bye Sea’s “별 빛이 내린다


Photos are available on SIEG blog.

Source: Ruby Salon Record’s blog; SIEG

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