Assorted Weekend Reading + a video interview

Some entertainment for the weekend: The new Taru album has gotten some attention from allkpop: Indie singer Taru releases second album, “100 Percent Reality”. Soompi too offers some more information on that one as well as a couple of other recent and upcoming releases:– Hongdae’s Goddess, Taru Releases Sophomore Album– Indie Band Dear Cloud Releases… Continue reading

Review Roundup, week 15-22

After I finally got around to roundup some random links last week, now that it’s Monday here’s a set of reviews posted during that same period of time: Chris Park of wakesidevision has continued to discover good music through Bandcamp:ECHOED is an act describing itself using the tags “hip hop”, “indie”, “instrumental”, “jazz” and “rock”… Continue reading

More about Apollo 18’s US tour

During SXSW Mexico based site Bestfestivals took a chance to perform a video interview with Apollo 18: Apollo18 Interview SXSW 2011 A chance to see more of Apollo 18 from the US tour was offered today by allkpop: [Exclusive] Apollo 18’s U.S. Tour: Performances & Pictures More photos from SXSW are available from Smashing Mag:… Continue reading

Interviews from various sources

Today The Creator’s Project offered a new video interview with total art duo EE with plenty of clips from this year’s Coachella: Take A Ride On The Coachella Ferris Wheel With EE Yesterday 10Asia published a two part interview with lovely indie pop duo Autumn Vacation:– [INTERVIEW] Indie band Autumn Vacation – Part 1– [INTERVIEW]… Continue reading

Apollo 18 after SXSW

The members of Apollo 18 have been back in Korea already for a couple of weeks now, but memories from the band’s first US tour are still fresh. Kamala-Chan followed up her pre-tour interview with the band with another interview: K-RoK Interview: Apollo 18 – SXSW Follow-Up. Chris Park too followed up his pre-SXSW interview… Continue reading