Some weekend reading and a commercial

Some interviews and more to keep you entertained over the weekend:

The latest issue of Groove Korea comes with an article based on an interview with The Finnn, that want to keep people curious about their name: The New Kids on the Block: The Finnn

wassereis has translated a lengthy interview with newcomer Kangto, where the singer/songwriter explains more about his relationship to Lee Han Choul: Kangto Interview with Mintpaper

Experimental cellist Okkyung Lee has been touring Europe recently. Here’s a review covering two of her London gigs: Review: Okkyung Lee (Cafe Oto and Vortex). To learn more about Okkyung Lee herself, this recent interview from is a good start: Q&A: Okkyung Lee On Playing With Laurie Anderson, Drum Commentary Tracks, And New York’s Changing Landscape For Experimental Musicians

Not pertaining to his Walrus activities, but it seems likely the band will take a hiatus soon: Kim Jae-uck to enter military in summer. Here’s an interview where Kim Jae Uck talks about his role as Hedwig in musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch:
[INTERVIEW] Kim Jae-uck – Part 1
[INTERVIEW] Kim Jae-uck – Part 2

Not really all that much to read, but allkpop has a cute picture with Indieful ROK’s favorite Star Audition: 위대한 탄생 contenstant, Yang Jung-mo: “Birth of a Great Star” contestants take a trip to the amusement park

And this is quite old, but it wasn’t till this week that I finally began going through all those twitter updates I was going to look into later: discount commerce site WeMakePricehas a commercial starring Goo Hara featuring the song Morejo from Hcube of

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