Assorted weekend reading + a video

In case you’ve already gone through the interview links posted Thursday here are some additional suggestions for weekend reading:

First up another interview with EE. It’s from before Coachella, but I didn’t know of it until the link was posted on EE’s official Facebook: EE Interview + The Creators Project @ Coachella 2011.

Another interview from Daejeon Access that I missed making that interview roundup the other day: Korean Punk’s Newest Hopes…Whatever That Means

Yet another interview, this one with Yozoh on Arirang’s Pops in Seoul. Instead of watching it above you may want to click through to be able to read the English subtitles better: Yozoh (요조) [Pops in Seoul]

Lovely indie film Pleasant People, starring Jiyoung Lee of Oh My Melodies and I Love JH fame (of course also featuring some of her music), will get its first screening in home town Atlanta today. Here is a review of one of the movie’s trailers, and here is a very nice review of the movie itself detailing some of the plot: PLEASANT PEOPLE – Bluntness, Burgers, and Southern Discomfort.

MTV Iggy
MTV Iggy has directed its attention towards some South Korean artists again:
Bands We Like: Vidulgi OoyoO’s Majestic Korean Shoegaze
Seoul’s Simo & Mood Schula Drop EP of Bass Heavy Beats

Korean rock is Real has over the past couple of weeks offered several links I likely wouldn’t have come across on my own:
– A live report with photos: I Had a Blast at The Dealicious Launch Party with The RockTigers ^^
– An artist introduction: Kim C : Korean Indie Band Hot Potato
– The wish of a fan of The Black Skirts: Who should play Bluesfest? Here’s our thoughts

Last but not least, not really concerning Korean indie music but a group that did utilize a bit of rock and is one of those acts anyone with an interest in Korean music should be at least somewhat familiar with: 50 Most Influential K-Pop Artists: 29. 015B

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    1. Anna

      Good to see that at least some of all the old links from this blog aren’t dead :) Unfortunately I never got around to seeing The Rocktigers myself. And I’ve been missing out on them without Geena (aka Streetguns) as well :/


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