Assorted Weekend Reading + a video interview

Some entertainment for the weekend:

타루 (Taru) 2집 - 100 Percent Reality 디어 클라우드 (Dear Cloud) 3집 - Bright Lights 뷰렛 (Biuret) - Goodbye
The new Taru album has gotten some attention from allkpop: Indie singer Taru releases second album, “100 Percent Reality”. Soompi too offers some more information on that one as well as a couple of other recent and upcoming releases:
Hongdae’s Goddess, Taru Releases Sophomore Album
Indie Band Dear Cloud Releases Its Third Album
Rock Band Biuret Makes a Comeback

More from Soompi as the latest Under The Radar post covers My Aunt Mary vocalist Thomas Cook: Under The Radar – Thomas Cook

Paul Kerry alerted me to this article about No Reply, introducing them to a wider audience before their Golden Age concert at the Olymic Hall in July: [Herald Interview] No Reply brings back sounds of ’90s K-pop

Via Korean rock is real, an introduction to Glen Check from Nice Korean Girl: Glen Check

Also via Korean rock is real – some photos and impressions from Crying Nut at Music Matters: Crying Nut Gone Nuts for MUSIC MATTERS 2011

An equally enjoyable yet more serene performance was recently enjoyed by Paula of noona blog, that got to see WagWak and Demian The Band perform at what seems like a quaint location hours away from Seoul: Escape To The Mountains

Via Lost in the maze I came across this video interview from Popseoul! with the Seoulsonic bands (Galaxy Express, Idiotape, Vidulgi OoyoO) from the North America tour this spring.
[POPSEOUL! Spotlight] Vidulgi OoyoO, Idiotape, Galaxy Express Interview (where the corresponding Popseoul! post is I have yet to find out, however)

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