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Today The Creator’s Project offered a new video interview with total art duo EE with plenty of clips from this year’s Coachella: Take A Ride On The Coachella Ferris Wheel With EE

Yesterday 10Asia published a two part interview with lovely indie pop duo Autumn Vacation:
[INTERVIEW] Indie band Autumn Vacation – Part 1
[INTERVIEW] Indie band Autumn Vacation – Part 2

A couple of days ago Crossroads Music zine shared the result from a brief interview with Apollo 18: Interview – Apollo 18

The same day Daejeon Access revealed an interview with “one of the biggest ‘buzzes’ around Seoul” comparing the current buzz factor of Wagwak with that of A18 before: They’re Not Gay…They’re WAGWAK!

One of the girls from Banana Milk has been talking to DJ Unjin, that has an astonishing track record behind him with both Yellow Kitchen and Bihaengsun as well as the lesser known Ftone Sound: INTERVIEW: Unjin Yo – EAST COLLECTIVE

An episode of Korean Homesick Blues from last week features an interview with Sunkyeol‘s Kyoungmo Kim, where he among other things explain the difference in sound between Sunkyeol live and Sunkyeol on record: Korean Homesick Blues 41. What particularly excited me from that interview was when he reveals that new recordings are in the making – for more details concerning that tune in to Indie Afternoon this Sunday where I’ll be talking about Sunkyeol for this week’s Indieful ROK Spot.

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