Impact FM SXSW interviews

Impact 98FM, whose SXSW Galaxy Express Interview has been previously mentioned, also performed video interviews with the other Korean bands making it to SXSW. As of yesterday all have now been posted on YouTube:– SXSW Vidulgi Ooyoo Interview– SXSW Idiotape Interview– SXSW Apollo 18 Interview The Apollo 18 one was filmed following their gig at… Continue reading

Idiotape talk technology and gain fans

Today The Creators Project offered another interview with a Korean artist and the interview subject was Dguru representing Idiotape. Watch the whole thing above or visit The Creators Project for a higher resolution, and don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles should you need them. I found the whole interview very interesting, but was… Continue reading

More Apollo 18 interview from McRoth

The second part in McRoth’s Residence‘s three part interview with Apollo 18, first part mentioned here, was posted today. This part deals with SXSW: McRoth’s Residence Interview with Apollo 18 – Part 2 Update March 11, 12:10am: Part 3 just posted, this time with questions from the fans: McRoth’s Residence Interview with Apollo 18 –… Continue reading