Link Roundup, week 10

So much interesting reading material was posted lately I had no chance to keep up with the link posting. Here’s a roundup to conclude the week:

First up a couple of interviews.
Seoul Music Room has talked to Sighborg: 60 seconds with Sighghghghghborg!
– wassereis spent some time translating this interesting interview with Jieun and The Wolves: Oh Ji Eun and The Wolves – Interview

Another translation from wasseries of high entertainment value, this one concerning the birthday of Whale of W&Whale fame: Because Whale’s Whale and I fail

Next artist introductions, including two of the biggest rock names:
[POP Listen to This] 10cm
Wonder-Girl Wednesdays: Island City
K-RoK 101: Yoon Do-Hyun Band
50 Most Influential K-Pop Artists: 33. Kim Jong-Seo

KIM JAEUCK & walrus My respect for Walrus, the band fronted by model/actor Kim Jae Wook (who apparently goes by Kim Jae Uck nowadays), has increased further after learning that they are playing clubs in Hongdae just like every other indie rock band.

Via Omona They Didn’t! I found out that the band will be headed for Hong Kong to hold a fangreet and showcase on April 2: KIM JAEUCK & walrus “4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011”. Apparently it’s the way Kim Jae Uck has chosen to celebrate his birthday. Attendees will be getting limited edition souvenirs and some lucky ticket holders also have a chance to get either a signed poster or a handshake.

Here’s some more press on Apollo 18 from one of the local outlets on their impending US tour: Apollo 18 coming to Tulsa!

And here’s something on an event that already passed: Gig review: Nah Youn Sun and Ulf Wakenius at Pizza Express Soho. I myself had the pleasure of seeing Youn Sun Nah on stage earlier this week and was thoroughly amazed by her performance. Not really my type of music yet I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to see her perform when the opportunity presents itself.

Another show that is already over, but I thought this announcement was quite lovely: Rest In Peace, Jong-su

10cm made a new appearance on Sketchbook just before the weekend. allkpop has post where they talk about Americano not being allowed to broadcast in its available version and the post also has clips of the actual performance: 10cm performs on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”

Mate - Transform
More from allkpop, as they’ve found an article where Mate talks about the new single: MATE releases digital single, “Transform”

And lastly, not so much to read but some news spotted via Twitter:
Telepathy has a new drummer
The Koxx has a new website

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  1. Kamala-Chan

    Hey – thanks for the couple of links! I was exctactic this week when Do-Hyun himself saw the profile and re-tweeted it to his fans! I agree with Walrus – glad they’re playing Hongdae – I bet they’re filling up clubs with fans – which I hope will spread to more interest in the other bands playing in the area. I’m also quite excited about the new Mate single – love them! And on twitter tonight I got a giggle out of Peter from One Way saying he really liked 10CM. I think those guys are just starting a wonderful career!


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