Assorted links of the week

A set of recently collected links:

Today Apollo 18 twote a photo from the latest issue of SXSWORLD where Kim Daeinn had been interviewed for an article called Beyond Karaoke: Asian Bands Target Global Audiences (beginning to the right halfway down the first picture, and also at the very bottom).

Kim Jae Uck of Walrus has been talking music with 10Asia: Kim Jae-wook’s Song Picks

The eminent Boohwal fan blog has provided a good Boohwal overview.

Violet Sweets was finally updated again, this time mentioning plans for a fourth Mintpaper compilation and a song from No Reply playing in a recent rice cooker commercial: Something small Mintpaper-ish

Korean rock is real has a translated version of a Joins MSN article about Super Kidd vocalist Zingo‘s solo debut: Jingo from Superkidd to enlist army in April and release his solo single. Turns out the EP has been produced by the bassist of nabi:mat.

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