Apollo 18 in a movie

꼭 껴안고 눈물 핑
You may have heard of upcoming Hollywood movie Apollo 18. Sadly it has nothing to do with the band of the same name, but in spite of that you may still (if you’re in Korea that is) be able to watch a bit of Apollo 18 in the movie theatre very soon.

Kim Dong Won, the director behind Bet On My Disco (해적, 디스코왕 되다) has a new movie called Drifting Away (꼭 껴안고 눈물 핑) opening on March 10. In this movie Apollo 18’s Kim Daeinn (aka Jelly Boy) acts the part of the female lead’s older and as it happens he has a band together with Choi Hyunseok and Lee Sangyun – here are some shots from behind the scenes.

Whether it made the cut for the actual movie or not I have yet to find out, but in 2009 performances at Salon Badabie of both Warm and High Stepper were shut. Hancinema has two trailers, though unfortunately none of them has any A18.

On a related note, introducing Apollo 18 the band here is the first in a recent 3 part interview with the members: McRoth’s Residence Interview with Apollo 18 – Part 1

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