Idiotape talk technology and gain fans

Today The Creators Project offered another interview with a Korean artist and the interview subject was Dguru representing Idiotape. Watch the whole thing above or visit The Creators Project for a higher resolution, and don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles should you need them. I found the whole interview very interesting, but was particularly fond of all the technology talk. My favorite part: “sometimes we review manuals all night long” – my respect for them doubled at that point.

And it seems so far Idiotape has been very successful gathering new fans during the Seoulsonic North America tour. I linked some impressions from Canada yesterday and the Idiotape Facebook page offers some enthusiastic comments from SXSW attendees. The band receives a bit of love via Twitter as well. A few examples:

Highlight of SX so far – awesome, random S Korean electro punk band, Idiotape

They are so awesome they have blown out a fuse twice now already.

Idiotape just blew my fucking mind

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