Apollo 18 interviews and giveaways

As you may have noticed there’s a lot about Apollo 18 going on right now. They’ve worked really hard with promotion for the US tour that kicks off March 15, and it appears to have payed off. Yesterday they were featured on the biggest kpop news site in the world: allkpop x Apollo 18 Exclusive! Giveaway + Interview + Video Greeting

For once I’d say allkpop did a remarkably good job and for the first time ever reading the comments over there is not at all scary but rather an uplifting experience. Check out the interview to learn more on the band, to me most interesting thing about it was reading their thoughts on both their own and music from others (do you know which A18 member used to be a Take That fan?).

In the giveaway at allkpop you can qualify to get an Apollo 18 set including the US tour CD (tracklist here), an SXSW iPhone 4 case, and stickers.

wakesidevision too has something of a giveaway going, offering signed copies of the same CD: Apollo 18 (아폴로 18) Signed US Tour CD Contest

And another Apollo 18 interview surfaced today. This one accompanied by some really good photos: K-Rok Rocks!!! Exclusive Interview: Apollo 18.

For anyone curious, the guys have now reached Dallas where they already have sampled some of that American food they were looking forward to so much.

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  1. yunhe

    I was really thrilled to see A18 featured on Allkpop! And the comments, indeed, were quite on the positive side and people actually seemed to be interested. I think the giveaway thing is making people more interested in it but it is actually a great way to make even the most kpop-orientated people to try A18’s music – the result might be new fans & more visitors to SXSW!

    And I really loved the whole shoutout, interview and stuff – A18 seems like such a great bunch of guys. Nice, nice.


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