Randomness #12

Usually I reserve these “randomness” posts for late Sunday evenings, but as I didn’t get around to writing one yesterday (a combination of too much work related stress & signing up with NetFlix) and I have some random stuff to write about I figured why not do one today instead.

The Seoul Record Fair took place last weekend. Not being anywhere near Seoul I wasn’t able to attend myself–just like all the previous years–but the super sweet Genie anyway made sure to get me a couple of those special vinyl releases, namely DJ Soulscape‘s 180g Beats and No Brain‘s first album.

Because of DJ Soulscape, further inspired by talking a lot of that kind of hip-hop with a colleague, that’s sort of what I’ve been listening to the most over the past week. More or less by chance I came across a slow beats playlist from Swedish radio channel P3 that enjoyed surprisingly much. Back when I still listened to radio (usually while playing various PS1 RPGs) that was the only channel I cared for and it seems to still be relevant.

In Korean indie music news, the best thing to reach me last week was the word that Glittering Blackness, Fall will put out a new album on July 3rd. Like the first EP/album it doesn’t have a title, and similarly the songs are identified by numbers rather than titles. Glittering Blackness, Fall was the first proper Korean post-rock band that I came across and I’ve remained a fan since. From the sound of the first new video it doesn’t seem like that has a reason to change any time soon.

In other news, all my old posts at koreanindie.com have now been removed. It happened a bit sooner than I had expected (before the weekend rather than tomorrow–turns out I hadn’t been reading the contract closely enough) so I wasn’t able to rescue all that I had intended, but on the plus side I guess that’ll mean more search hits for Indieful ROK from now on. And of course I will also have to work on new posts, but that’s another other story and requires me to get out of the office a bit earlier than I usually manage.

And for something more personal, I’m currently concerned about what to do with my music collection. Throughout the years I’ve gathered a fairly sizeable CD collection, with a few vinyls and cassettes included as well. In the new apartment, my husband got one room as his office/walk-in closet whereas I have taken ownership of the guest/media room/library. Problem is the room appears too small to fit everything that I want into it–it doesn’t even have capacity to hold all of my previous media storage furniture. Preferably I should also be able to place CD & vinyl player in the same place… So now I’m looking into other possibilities. So far all I have found is too small-scale and could neither fit everything nor display it properly. And I’m afraid I’m not handy enough to build my own solution from scratch. With that said, if you have any ideas on where to find big CD shelves or want to show your own collection for inspiration please go ahead!

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  1. refresh_daemon

    My CD collection is going to overtake my five dedicated Ikea Benno shelves soon. I have no idea how I’m going to manage the overflow, since between CDs and DVDs and shelves, I’m out of wall space.

    1. Anna

      Which reminds me I’ve been missing your posts about media storage ;) I have a bunch of Bennos as well, but problem is they’re not tall enough for me to be able to fit everything I need in the space I have available. Another friend suggested Billy for the purpose (with the added possibilities of #1 being able to add more height; #2 fit also some of the bigger releases) and that may be a viable way forward, but I’m still considering my options.

      I spent a couple of hours googling after writing this post last night, and now I’m sort of obsessed with the idea of sliding shelves. Just look how beautiful this is, or imagine something similar to the one at the bottom here but thinner & with CDs instead of books. I even have a design idea now, but haven’t gotten to the point where I actually know how to make it reality…

      1. refresh_daemon

        I think that IKEA makes extensions to add to the top of a Billy too, so that’s an option and the shelves are deep enough to go two rows deep of CDs.

        The sliding bookcases look fantastic though, but it will probably require quite a bit of custom work. You’ll have to find some railing options and some really sturdy shelves to mod.

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