Randomness #13

The week that just passed may have been the most exhausting in my entire professional life. I’m very lucky to have an interesting and challenging job, great colleagues and supportive managers, but as circumstances would have it I have found myself without ability to do anything worthwhile once I’ve left the office. Coming home on Friday I watched a few episodes from the first season of Suits, and after completing it yesterday pretty much all I did was continue to watch through the entire second season (which is as much as Netflix in Sweden currently has to offer). Between episodes I took small breaks. Putting some stuff in the trash. Doing the dishes. Reserving laundry time. But there wasn’t enough energy to complete more than one such activity before returning to my Suits marathon. Today has been a lot better, and I hope I’ve rested enough not to let this coming week get to me in the same way.

Right now I’m listening to Glittering Blackness, Fall‘s second untitled album. Turns out it’s building a lot on “3” from the debut, with motives I find more similar to its origin in “Immense Pale Halo Slipping” than “3” managed, and I’m loving it. For all more visually inclined this new album is particularly great news as the press release promises a music video for every track.

Besides awesome post-rock, the release I was looking forward to the most this week was Tiny-G‘s “Ice Baby“. While watching Reply 1994 I couldn’t help but adore Dohee, who played the quiet Seo Taiji fan, and as a result ended up finding “Minimanimo” and consequently playing it on repeat. I haven’t enjoyed any of their other songs as much, but with a new release there’s always new hope. Although the new song and video are definitely sweet, when I finally got around to checking it out there wasn’t enough to keep my interest and instead I ended up returning to my favorite K-pop video of May: Berry Good‘s Click-B cover “Love Letter”.


Following up from last week’s randomness post, I think I’ve finally made up my mind on how to solve my media storage problem. I realized that sliding shelves would make for a gorgeous and super practical solution, but as it is likely to turn quite expensive and would not be something I could easily move to a different location this time I’ll be going with Billy shelves from Ikea, as suggested by a friend. Expect one or several posts to follow up on this, when time permits.

And that’ll have to be all for now.

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