Winterplay in Korea and Japan

윈터플레이 (Winterplay) - Hot Summerplay일본판 WINTERPLAY 일본판 1집 - Songs of Colored Love
Jazz pop quartet Winterplay released a “special summer album” called Hot Summerplay July 2. The title track, Gypsy Girl, is used in the promotion of Ogamdo/Five Senses of Eros (오감도) that opens on Korean theaters July 9 [teaser vid]. The 11 track album also includes a cover of Roy Orbison‘s You Got It, and a jazz take on the Michael Jackson classic Billie Jean.

Come July 22, Winterplay will make their album debut in Japan with the release of Songs of Colored Love. The album primarily contains tracks previously released in Korea on the Choco Snowball and Happy Snow Bubble releases of 2008, though three titles seem new: Songs of Colored Love, Moon Over Bourbon Street and I Need To Be In Love. To hear some of the older titles also on the album, check out the Winterplay MySpace.

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  1. johnjihoonchang

    Thanks for always keeping me aware of new releases. There’s so much being released that it’s hard to keep track sometimes.


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