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MYK may be best known for his work in hip-hop, but his songwriting skills extend farther. A couple of weeks ago he released his first mini album under the alias SALTNPAPER offering more of a modern rock oriented sound. Already from the brief samples in the the trailer it was clear that the SALTNPAPER mini was a must-listen. Curious as to why he chose to rebrand himself I reached out to Dream Factory Club that helped put me in touch with MYK,.who kindly provided great answers to my questions.




What does the name SALTNPAPER represent?

SALTN PAPER represents nature or a raw natural state, and analog sound. It is an approach to creating music or art. Furthermore it can be interpreted as an artist’s basic essentials for survival. ‘Salt’ is the drawing or the words he seasons his ‘paper’ with. When it’s in its purest and simplest, most honest translation, nothing more is needed.


How did you come to work with Iza Lach?

I was introduced to Iza though a close friend, who’s been working with me and helping me with visual creative aspects for my music for the past couple years. This friend was introduced to Jimmy Kim from Stampede Management, (Iza’s management). They got to talking and thought that it would be a good idea to introduce Iza and I. From that point, Iza and I kept in touch through emails, sharing our music and ideas and things. I was already a fan of her music. She’s probably the dopest female artist right now any where.

Initially she sent me some of her music for me to feature on. While we were in the process of working on that, (still in the making and hopefully will make to an audience) I suddenly asked her if she could help me with my album, but that the time was limited. I felt really bad to give her such a short notice but my label was all of a sudden pushing for an early release. To my surprise, she sent me her vocal parts, in something like a day after I emailed her about the collab! I was like wow. so crazy excited. It was the dopest thing. I can’t express how awesomely stoked and grateful I was and still am. Big up Iza!


What has been the most challenging part of making the SALTNPAPER mini album?

The hardest part of making this album, was getting to the final versions of all the songs. I’ve actually gone through about four different versions of recording these songs. Since first writing them in early 2012 in my room at home. After about a year of not really feeling the music I was making was any good, around 2011 winter time I suddenly got inspired to write these songs. I felt like I had to go back to making songs with just a guitar. I had the urge to buy a multi-track recorder like I used to use when I first started in high school, and write songs with just that, the built in microphone it comes with and a guitar. The music started to come out very naturally and for the first time in a while, I liked what I was making.

After signing with Dream Factory, my management asked me to redo some of the parts because they wanted to improve the quality of sound. More than anything, by the fourth time of recording, you lose the freshness and simple minded approach that you have in the first or second attempt. In my opinion the very first makings, more or less should be the final print. When the ideas are near brand new. At the end of the day, it came out sounding bigger cleaner, more of an industry sound, but it was definitely a challenge to take it there. But after it all I was lucky work with mastering engineer Stuart Hawkes from Metropolis Mastering London. His touches gave the album its big body and sound.


How will you be promoting this release?

I will be doing anything and everything in my powers haha to promote this album. Although I am told by my label that it will be difficult for this music to make it onto Korean music programs, everything else outside of that.. hopefully we will do. Now a days, it’s mostly idol groups and kpop/dance that gets played on the major music programs, with the exception of a few artists. But I will do a few of the more music based programs, like EBS Space, and Sketchbook. I’ll also do radio, and internet performance streams with my band. Other than that, our major focus for promotion is live shows and touring.

I will be playing with my band wherever and whenever we can. So far we’re scheduled to play at the Mint Festival on May 12 and Seoul Jazz Festival on May 15. There’s another big festival in august, I can’t say yet, but it looks like will be paying there too. Otherwise if you’re in Seoul, look out for us at a club or a pub near you.

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