Hello Rookies of June 2013 Announced

The live auditions for Hello Rookie of June 2013 were held today at Rollinghall with two winners announcd. In competition with Drongo, Roundheads, The Barberettes, ECE and fine it was psychedelic rock band Squash Vines and Jeju based reggae & ska band South Carnival both came out of the evening 1,000,000 won richer also qualifying them for the final at the end of the year.

Here’s Squash Vines performing “Unholy Dream” and “Loser” at Strangefruit last year:


Earlier this year South Carnival went on MBC Nanjang, among other songs performing “혼저옵서예”:


The first Hello Rookies of the year were announced a month ago, with Rock’n’Roll Radio becoming the 100th Hello Rookie and like Asian Chairshot winning the title Hello Rookie of May.

Via: Hello Rookie 1, 2, 3

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