MYK Releases First Mini Album as Saltnpaper

Korean-American musician MYK is perhaps best known for his work in hip-hop with Epik High, but as a talented songwriter his scope is much wider. Now he’s going for a modern rock sound with one-man band Saltnpaper.

First single LoveStrong, featuring Tablo, was released on April 10th and a self-titled mini album is out this week–online release through Korean outlets today, offline release and internationally available tomorrow April 16th. Additionally up and coming Polish singer Iza Lach is featured on two tracks–“Home” and Windward”.

Album lead track “모자” is the Korean version of album closing track “Hats”, with lyrics written by Lee Seung Hwan. A music video for “모자” should be released within the next few days.

The Saltnpaper teaser introduces the many different styles found on the album:


When “LoveStrong” was released, Sony Music Korea put the full audio on YouTube:

Via: Bugs Music; Hyang Music; Dream Factory

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