Big K-indie Acts Coming to London’s K-Music Festival

As the Korean Cultural Centre UK prepared its 2013 K-Music Festival in London care was taken to secure some of the biggest indie names in Korea. In addition to an opportunity to see traditional Korean musicians in action, anyone who ventures to London mid-June may be able to enjoy live music from UhUhBoo Project, Yi Sung Yol and Chang Kiha & The Faces.

Always intriguing UhUhBoo Project will bring their avant-garde sound to London’s Scala on Sunday June 16th, tickets selling at £15. The band has already played in Europe and other parts of the world many times before, with leader Baik Hyunjhin making a solo performance in London as recently as October last year.


Yi Sung Yol and Chang Kiha & The Faces will all play at Scala on Thursday June 20th. Advance tickets are £15 also for this evening. While both acts have played in the US before, it’ll be the first time to see them in Europe.


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