Hyundai Card Music Takes Korean Bands to UK

During 2012 Hyundai Card Music launched an initiative to promote Korean indie music, through high quality videos as well as live performances in its then Hongdae popup store location. Now Hyundai Card Music is taking things to the next level by bringing a bunch of bands over to the UK. No official announcements have been made yet, but the Tunbridge Wells Forum in Kent has already listed one of the shows publicly.

The bands playing in Tunbridge Wells on April 24th will be Galaxy Express, Apollo 18, Goonam/Goonamguayeoridingstella and Gate Flowers. As hinted by Galaxy Express in an interview with Chincha earlier this month, we can expect a total of five dates on this tour. We’ll be sharing more details here as soon as we have any.

Galaxy Express recorded a music video for “너와 나” in collaboration with Hyundai Card Music last year:


Goonam did the same with “피”:


Apollo 18 played in the Hyundai Card popup store in September, here seen performing “Discusting” and “Corpse Flower”:


Also in September, here are Gate Flowers performing “F.M” in the Hyundai Card popup store:


Goonam are currently touring North America as one of the 2K13 Seoulsonic bands whereas Galaxy Express are doing the same on their own initiative.

Via: Tunbridge Wells Forum

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