Galaxy Express US Wild Live Tour 2013 Schedule Announced

After announcing in January that a Galaxy Express US tour will happen this year again, today the schedule for the band’s Wild Live Tour 2013 was announced. Starting in San Francisco on March 7th, the tour will also take the band to several locations in Texas with stops in a total of 14 states and cities like Chicago and San Diego before concluding the tour in Los Angeles on April 6th.

On the theme of Galaxy Express in the US, during the band’s US tour last year documentary Turn It Up to Eleven 2: Wild Days was shot. Chronicling the entire trip, starting at Incheon airport, from the first show with only three people in the audience to far more uplifting scenes as the tour progressed. The film will be shown at San Francisco’s CAAMFest this March, co-presented by



To build even more anticipation for the coming tour, a number of live videos were uploaded to the Galaxy Express YouTube channel earlier today.

Via: Galaxy Express

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