2K13 Seoulsonic Tour Dates Announced

Just like in 2011 and 2012, DFSB Kollective is taking three Korean bands on a tour across North America under the Seoulsonic banner this year, offering a chance to see Goonam (formerly known as Goonamguayeoridingstella), Lowdown 30 and No Brain.

The 2K13 Seoulsonic North American Tour launched in San Francisco at Music Matters Asia yesterday, with Lowdown 30 and No Brain performing just like 2K11 Seoulsonic band Galaxy Express who used to same event to launch their own month-long Galaxy Express US Wild Live Tour 2013. Music Matters Asia continues today, with Goonam and 2K12 Seoulsonic alumni 3rd Line Butterfly showing their worth. Keep an eye on the koreanindie.com YouTube channel for live videos from the event and the koreanindie.com Facebook page for photos.

The next stop on the 2K13 Seoulsonic tour will be Austin, Texas. The KOCCA sponsored “K-Pop Night Out” showcase takes place on March 12th and will see No Brain share the stage with Galaxy Express, The Geeks, Guckkasten, Yi Sung Yol, Jeong Cha Sik and f(x). As usual the Seoulsonic tour will also take the participating bands to Toronto, ON for the Canadian Music Week as well as a number of other cities around the US. The full schedule is as follows:

March 11: Austin, TX – “Geeks from Gangnam” @ The Moonshine Grill (Goonam, Galaxy Express)
March 12: Austin, TX – “K-Pop Night Out” @ Elysium (No Brain, Galaxy Express, The Geeks, Guckkasten, Yi Sung Yol, Jeong Cha Sik, f(x))
March 13: Austin, TX – “SXSW Spin House Party” @ Easy Tiger Patio (2K13 Seoulsonic, Galaxy Express, 3rd Line Butterfly, The Geeks)
March 21: Toronto, ON – Tattoo Rock Parlor
March 23: Providence, RI – Korean-American Student Conference, KASCON
March 28: Brooklyn, NY – Korean American Film Festival New York, KAFFNY @ 285Kent
March 30: East Village, NY – Korean American Film Festival New York, KAFFNY @ Nublu
April 5: San Diego, CA – TinCanAlehouse
April 6: Los Angeles, CA – DimMakStudios (2K13 Seoulsonic, Galaxy Express)


Hardcore band The Geeks have toured the US several times in the past and will be making a few stops besides SXSW also this time. The dates are as follows:

March 9: Philadelphia, PA – The Geeks (South Korea), Outlast, Wise Guys, NeverEnder @ O’Reilly’s
March 10: Haverhill, MA – Our Side, The Geeks(From Korea), Violence To Fade, Test Of Time, Contempt
March 12: Austin, TX – K-Pop Night Out
March 13: Austin, TX – SXSW Spin House Party
March 14: San Antonio, TX – Loft Party/Show with THE GEEKS (Seoul, Korea) 3/14/13

Via: DFSB, The Geeks

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