Broccoli, you too? Releases Golden Hits Collection

Indie pop band Broccoli, you too? are currently preparing for a series of concerts in July. Helping to build interest a digital single with an old demo song was released in the beginning of June and ramping it up further the band is also ready to offer a best of-album of sorts, 골든-힛트 모음집.

The compilation includes titles from the three official demos and their first full-length album 보편적인 노래, many of which were previously recorded while Gyepy was still providing some vocals for the band. It got a digital release on June 22nd with a 2CD release scheduled to follow on July 5th.

It’s been more than a year and a half since Broccoli, you too? released second full-length album 졸업 and though no new songs are available on their latest release, it seems the band is still ready to offer some new material. A few days ago Broccoli, you too? uploaded live videos for “1/10” and “막차” to the official YouTube channel.

Here’s “1/10”, recorded in front of a super market:


And here’s “막차”, recorded at a bus stop:


The playlist below features performances, several of them from TV, of all songs on the Golden Hits album except “편지”:

Via: Hyang Music; maniadb

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