Broccoli, you too? Promote Concerts with Digital Single

Indie pop band Broccoli, you too? rose to fame after releasing first-full length album 보편적인 노래 end of 2008 — an album that well over three years later still counts among the currently best selling Korean indie albums. A year and a half ago came second album 졸업 and as the band is preparing for a series of concerts this July, they set out to remind people of their mellow music by releasing digital single 잔인한 사월 on June 8th.

Broccoli, you too? have been performing “잔인한 사월” for several years already, first releasing it in 2009 on their second official demo which also went under the title 잔인한 사월. A music video for the new version of “잔인한 사월” was released earlier today:

Via: Bugs Music

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